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Introduction to Magic Meadow Herbs

What is Magic Meadow?

The web site, "Magic Meadow - Natural Herbs and Organics", and its corresponding blog, Magic Meadow Herbs, is a labor of love that reflects a life-long passion for the outdoors, natural living, wild and medicinal plants, self-sufficiency, and compassion and respect for all life.

"Magic Meadow" is the name I gave to the secret meadow that I visited as a small girl, where I used to find so much peace and solace. I was amazed and thrilled by the wondrous and myriad forms of plant and animal life that teemed within it, and never tired of joyously exploring it, or just laying there in the middle of its serenity and watching the chipmunks scurry, the deer grazing, and the birds flying and calling to each other up above. There was a veritable bustling of vital activity, and beauty was everywhere you looked.

Oh yes, the meadow was my university, and there is where I minutely studied every creature, every leaf, every root, every rock, and every seed or fruit.

There was always something new to see or to contemplate there, with its panorama of ever-changing scenery against a backdrop of permanent beauty. The changing of the days or the seasons brought an entirely different world to explore and admire on every new occasion.

There was a cornucopia of plant and animal life everywhere back then, before it was all destroyed by "progress", and "development". I found new and fascinating specimens of botanical beauty and wildlife there whichever way I looked. You must stop a moment here to remember that this was 47 years ago, and there were still huge flocks of bluebirds, hordes of brightly colored butterflies, and many other animals and plants that are now gone forever. There were multitudes of frogs, toads, turtles , birds, snakes, and insects, and so many different species that have disappeared and no longer exist today.

It saddens me immeasurably that this abundance of life is all gone forever now, and present and future generations will never experience this natural bounty in their lifetimes.

This lovely meadow taught me much about the beauty and interdependence of all creation. How closely intertwined we are with the earth, and all the creatures and plant life that live on it! Many valuable object lessons that can be applied to life in general were learned there. I would like to share some of what I learned about there, and what I have learned since. (At age 53, I believe I may have have learned much that is valuable to share with others!)

This is not the actual meadow, and the girl is not me, but it could have been:

I was drinking catnip tea, and bringing home 
dandelion greens when I was seven years old! How did I know catnip tea 
was good to drink?  I was born knowing it, I guess. Besides, I had 
tasted catnip leaves in the meadow, and I knew they were good! I was drinking catnip tea, and bringing home dandelion greens when I was seven years old!
How did I know catnip tea was good to drink?  I was born knowing it,
I guess. Besides, I had tasted catnip leaves in the meadow, and I
knew they were good!

A Model for Herbal and Sustainable Living Educational Resources:

You will find here at "Magic Meadow" an ever growing knowledge-base of all things herbal, organic, and natural, along with thoughtful contemplation of current news concerning these subjects. Recently in the news are the H1N1 Swine/Avian Flu, the dangers of the Swine Flu Vaccine, and the dreadful Codex Alimentarius , which threatens to strip us of our freedom to grow our own organic food and to use natural, organic plants and supplements for our health.

See more about Codex Alimentarius and the threat it poses to our health and freedom, FDA Corruption, Attacks on Health Supplements

The model I have mapped out for the construction and contents of this site is extremely extensive and voluminous. It is intended to benefit the novice, as well as seasoned naturopaths, in its scope of educational materials and resources. It is so voluminous, in fact, that it will probably take me forever to finish it, if indeed, I ever do finish it at all. I will just try to get it up here, and then work on it little by little. So, please be patient with me, while I am working on building this thing up to what it should be.

Come join the discussion in the Forum with your comments or questions. You are very welcome to leave a link to your herbal, alternative remedies, organic, survival, or other sustainable living web site or blog here: Add Your Link

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